March 2023  

Topical dexamethasone delivery to the retina: An aqueous cyclodextrin-based microsuspension

By Thorsteinn Loftsson and Einar Stefansson. Published by the Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology


January 2022  

Topical drug delivery to the retina: obstacles and routes to success

By Thorsteinn Loftsson. Published in Expert Opinion in Drug Delivery


June 2021  

Angiotensin Receptor Blockers in cyclodextrin nanoparticle eye drops: Ocular pharmacokinetics and pharmacologic effect on intraocular pressure

By Laura Lorenzo-Soler et al. Published in Acta Ophthalmologica


May 2021  

Bio-Distribution and Pharmacokinetics of Topically Administered γ-Cyclodextrin Based Eye Drops in Rabbits

By Martin Kallab et al. Published in Pharmaceuticals


March 2021  

Topical drug delivery to the posterior segment of the eye: Thermodynamic considerations

By Suppakan Sripetch and Thorsteinn Loftsson. Published by International Journal of Pharmacology



December 2022  

OCS-01 (Novel Topical Dexamethasone Formulation) in Inflammation and Pain Post Cataract Surgery: A Randomized, Double-Masked, Vehicle-Controlled Study

By Michael Korenfeld et al. Published by Clinical Therapeutics


July 2022  

Topical treatment of diabetic macular edema using dexamethasone ophthalmic suspension: A randomized, double-masked, vehicle-controlled study

By Einar Stefansson et al. Published by Acta Ophthalmologica


Octobre 2021  

Topical dexamethasone-cyclodextrin microparticle eye drops for diabetic macular edema

By Masaki Tanito et al. Published in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (IOVS, an ARVO journal)


August 2015

Topical dexamethasone-cyclodextrin nanoparticle eye drops for non-infectious Uveitic macular oedema and vitritis – a pilot study

By Shiri Shulman et al. Published by Acta Ophthalmologica


July 2015  

Topical dexamethasone γ-cyclodextrin nanoparticle eye drops increase visual acuity and decrease macular thickness in diabetic macular oedema

By Akihiro Ohira et al. Published by Acta Ophthalmologica


July 2022

Topical Anti-TNFα Agent Licaminlimab (OCS-02) Relieves Persistent Ocular Discomfort in Severe Dry Eye Disease: A Randomized Phase II Study

By Lee Sheetle et al. Published by Clinical Ophthalmology


June 2022

Efficacy and Safety of OCS-02 a novel, potent, topical TNFα antibody in acute anterior uveitis (AAU): a phase 2 study

By Theodore A. Pasquali et al. Published by Translational Vision Science & Technology (TVST)