OPTIREACH Technology

What is the OPTIREACH solubilizing technology?

OPTIREACH is a solubilizing formulation technology that is the result of a meticulous, stepwise approach, over a number of years, by our founders to solve the limitations of conventional eye drops. These limitations include:


  • Limited solubility of drugs in eye drop formulations
  • Quick removal by tear flow
  • Inability to deliver drugs to the retina

The OPTIREACH technology uses a novel formulation approach incorporating selected features of specific cyclodextrins to address the above limitations.

How does the OPTIREACH technology work?

The OPTIREACH technology leverages unique characteristics of specific cyclodextrin compound to achieve stable formulations containing drug/cyclodextrin complexes.


The drug/cyclodextrin complexes enhance drug solubility in the aqueous tear fluid and, thus, enhance bioavailability in eye tissues. The drug/cyclodextrin complexes also penetrate the mucous layer and provide sustained drug release. Consequently, drug permeation and bioavailability in the eye tissues are increased.

What are the potential therapeutic translations?

The OPTIREACH solubilizing technology improves both the ability to formulate drugs as eye drops and their bioavailability in the eye tissues including anterior and posterior segments. Existing pre-clinical and clinical data suggest that the OPTIREACH technology can open the way for formulating drugs as effective and well-tolerated topical treatments of retinal conditions with unmet need, including DME.


Significant improvement of dosing frequency and tolerability for anterior segment conditions may also be expected.