Antibody Fragment Technology

OCS-02 – The potential to become the FIRST topical anti-TNFα antibody treatment for multiple inflammatory ocular diseases

Topical Anti-TNFα Biologic Candidate
OCS-02 is an antibody fragment formulation with potential to become the first approved topical anti-TNFα biologic.


Proven biological target
with possible dual actions: anti-inflammation and anti-necrosis.


Enhanced ocular penetration
Lower molecular weight allowing for enhanced ocular penetration and higher concentration.

Antibody Fragment technology illustration

Innovative Antibody Fragment Technology

OCS-02 is based on an innovative biologic technology that allows for the development of a small, pharmacologically active, humanized single chain variable fragment antibody (scFv). The lower molecular weight of the fragment relative to whole antibody enables the development of a higher formulation concentration enhancing the penetration into ocular tissues . These characteristics make scFv more suitable than full-length antibodies for topical ocular treatment of ocular surface (e.g., DED) or anterior chamber (e.g., AAU) diseases. OCS-02 binds to and neutralizes the activity of human TNFα. TNFα is a proven biological target in systemic and ocular inflammatory conditions and is involved in structural damage to the ocular surface.