ARVO 2017 – two poster presentations

Oculis’ scientists presented two inventions at this years ARVO Annual Meeting, held on May 7-11 in Baltimore, USA.

The first presentation (Johannsdottir, et al;ARVO E-abstract 4442) reported on a preclinical study designed to develop a surfactant-free drop by delivering cyclosporin A via cyclodextrin nanoparticles. The eye-drop formulation with cyclodextrin nanoparticles exhibited no ocular irritation in rabbits after three months of treatment.

The second presentation (Stefansson, et al;ARVO E-abstract 4947) provided details on a clinical study comparing the postoperative use of Oculis’ DexNP (1.5% dexamethasone nanoparticleeye drops) with mitomycin-C and Maxidex as follow-up after trabeculectomy . This was a randomized, double-masked clinical trial with 25 patients undergoing trabeculectomy for poorly controlled primary open angle glaucoma. The study reveled that DexNP eye drops were an effective post-trabeculectomy treatment and may serve as an alternative to current treatment used in conjunction with glaucoma surgery.